Community Lighting Training & Certification

Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance (SOLA) has introduced a new Community Friendly Lighting Training Program. The training has been developed to help you meet the Community Friendly Lighting Certification (CFLC). Announcement

Community Friendly Lighting focuses on public lighting in residential neighborhoods and promotes pedestrian safety, visibility, and visual comfort while maximizing energy efficiency. Community Friendly Lighting also minimizes glare, light trespass, skyglow and ecological disruption.

The introductory session covers the practical application of Community Friendly Lighting, which includes Public outreach; Stakeholder engagement; Fixture Evaluation/Selection; Lighting design, Controls; Pilot testing; and Public Surveys. It is designed to prepare lighting design professionals, public officials, and lighting contractors to implement successful LED street lighting conversions by better understanding lighting quality and its impact on visual comfort and visibility. Topics will include how consistent public engagement improves outcomes; balancing luminance, uniformity and visual comfort to improve visibility; and choosing the best luminaire.

SOLA will be presenting training sessions at the invitation of municipalities, utilities, and manufacturers and select lighting conferences. SOLA is also in the process of producing a webinar that for those that can’t attend in person. Stay tuned…

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