Press and Media Coverage of Lighting

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Smart Urban Lighting Installations

Shining a light –why we need standards

Lamppost shines a light on smart cities

An EU scheme could use “smart streetlights” to cut energy bills and create Wi-Fi hotspots

Cambridge LED Streetlight conversion nears completion

San Jose begins installing LED street lights

China’s Foshan City achieves 70% energy savings with Rongwen’s smart networked LED street lights

BMW’s new street lights power up EVs

Upgrade to white light for Auckland, NZ roads

Former Naval Air Station in Brunswick, ME Pioneers Use of Dimming Controls on Public Street Lighting in the U.S.

For Cities Switching to LED Street Lamps, A Place to See the Light

Sensor parking app trialled in Darby St Newcastle stars at world tech forum

This Danish Neighborhood Is A Giant Experiment For Smart Cities

LED Installations without adaptive controls

Honolulu looking for contractor to replace 52K streetlights

 Australian Councils turn to sustainability to deal with funding cuts

India to install LED bulbs in 100 cities by March 2016

Commentary on LED Lighting

Shining a light –why we need standards

Successful legal challenge to LED streetlights in Monterey, CA

DOE white paper on CCT and blue-white light

Demand for streetlights comes at high cost to taxpayers

Lighting cities with cheap, glaring LEDs is a dim move

 Global Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Market Forecast 2013 

 LED Streetlights Save Energy, but Could Have Some Serious Side Effects

How LEDs Are Going To Change The Way We Look At Cities

Energy/Climate Change

U.S. energy imports and exports to come into balance for first time since 1950s

Annual Energy Outlook Delivers Great News For Energy Productivity

Light at Night/Human Health

Are artificial light cycles making us sick?

Working nights might raise the risk for diabetes

Artificial light at night can make you feel sick

Screens may be terrible for you…

Working late at night increases risk of breast cancer

How Hong Kong’s urban light pollution creates ‘mini jet lag’

Urban light pollution: why we’re all living with permanent ‘mini jetlag’

Blue light from electronics disturbs sleep…

Health consequences of circadian disruption in humans and animal models


Sea Turtles

Teens help monitor turtle habitat

Lighting near beach impacts turtles

Good news on sea turtle nests

Lights out for sea turtles

Lighten Up: Improving the Environment One Turtle Lamp at a Time

Sea Turtle Hatchlings Saved by LED Lights Funded by Deepwater Horizon Fines

Light pollution can impact nesting sea turtles


Impact of searchlights on migratory birds

Making the 9/11 Memorial Lights Bird-Safe

How birds are saved during 9/11 Tribute in Light memorial (VIDEO)

Artificial Lighting Helps Blackbirds ‘Seize the Night’ But Lose Sleep

Night Lights May Affect Urban Birds

Nighttime Lights Reset Birds’ Internal Clocks…


Colour As a Signal for Entraining the Mammalian Circadian Clock

Impacts of artificial lighting on bats: a review of challenges and solutions


Bridge closed for 2nd night over swarms of mayflies, crashes

Tuning the white light spectrum of light emitting diode lamps to reduce attraction of nocturnal arthropods

Reducing global lumens